Crazy for Ubuntu

Since Apr 22, when Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was released, I have been working on that for nearly 20 days.

It was really a long time that I had not used any Linux system. The last Linux system I had used was Red Hat 9, but the X windows was not able to be started on my old computer, and the enhanced mode of the hard disk (there are two IDE hard disks in my old computer) could not be used under Red Hat 9. I had tried some solutions, but failed, and then, I had not touched Linux for several years.

Actually, since last year, I noticed that my old computer was really too slow, and I planned to get a laptop. I thought over and over, finally, I decided to buy a HP DV2745, the top one of DV2700 series, which might be the most suitable type, considering both the performance/function and the cost.

Recently, especially after getting some so called "technical support" from several IT guys, I do not think IT guys will give me good impressions, although I have a master degree of Software Engineering, and I am also a certificated software engineer (senior programmer). I do not understand why IT guys are not willing to give others the real explanation of the technical problem, and they always would like to say something not clear or even lie to us. The same thing occured when I bought my laptop. I asked the guy there, who seemed like a technical supporter, if I could install two operation systems. He replied surely and without any delay, "NO". He said only Windows Vista was able to be installed on my laptop, neither Linux nor Windows XP could be used.

However, I really wanted to try Linux as I had not touched it for such a long time. So I checked through Internet, and it seems Ubuntu is entirely free and easy for use. So, I downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 and installed it. Out of my expection, the whole process was so smooth, and no driver was needed, video, audio, wlan worked very well. So, for me, the reputation of IT guys became poorer thereafter.

Eh, it seems I have talked too much about IT guys, back to Ubuntu.

Just a few days after I installed Ubuntu 7.10, I saw from Ubuntu home page that Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was being to be released. Thus, I waited and waited. From the Chinese Ubuntu forum, I knew many friends were waiting too.

On Apr 22, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was released, I downloaded the ISO file and burned a CD. The day after, when I went home back from the office, I installed it on my laptop, replaced the old Ubuntu 7.10. After the system installation, I also had many softwares installed, and had the system patched and upgraded from time to time. Till now, it should be a "perfect like" Linux operation system, except for Chinese inputting which forces me to type this essay in English.

Per my opinion, Linux may be much better than Windows. Let’s take Ubuntu as an example: it requires less hard disk space, lower hardwares, but provides similar function as Windows, even more or better. It can work so well on my old computer now, which is really amazing. Needless to say other functions, just the "Desktop Effects Settings", gives such an extraordinary experience. I belive, you use it more, and you will like it more.

So, friends, do not wait, enjoy Ubuntu now. 🙂

(This is my first essay via Ubuntu on my laptop.)



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